The Genius Loci is at the centre of landscape research, be it from the perspective of natural or social sciences, the humanities or design disciplines. Genius loci has been defined as the spirit of the place characterising a particular landscape (Pedroli, 2000, 15). Although modern society seems to have lost the ability to observe the landscape as a whole, and be aware of a sense of belonging and identity (Senge et al., 2004), in many places of Europe “people continued to worship the natural characteristics of the landscape as a source of truth, beauty and justice” (Pinto Correia et al., 2018, 6).

“Soulscapes: in search of genius loci” intends to provoke a scientific reflection on how landscape reveals the way people relate to their physical and spiritual environment (Bockemuehl, 1992, 13). Intrigued by the assumption that “every place should have a spirit” (Day, 1990, 107), we invite interested researchers and students to enter into dialogue about the homogenising of the landscape due to which gradually the genii loci are lost (Antrop, 2000, 32).

The landscape is tangible out there and simultaneously a mental reality (Antrop & Van Eetvelde, 2017, 392). Since the soul of a place might be characterised as “the intangible feeling – made up of so many things” (Day,1990), we welcome an exchange of thoughts about these ‘things’. This includes the sacrality of landscapes (Verschuuren & Furuta, 2016; Day, 2012, Julian Holloway, 2003), which are animated by a health-giving spirit, as discussed by Day (1990), but also the healing and therapeutic landscapes presented by Relf (2006) or Van Elsen et al. (2014).


The participants are also invited to bring new thoughts and approaches to issues related with cultural landscape services, a topic of relevant research currently in Landscape Ecology.
The conference is structured in four panels, aiming at contemplating the theme from four angles:
On the 18th June 2018, at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Av. de Berna, 26-C, 1069-061 Lisbon, Auditorium 2, Tower B, 3rd Floor:

1. Observing Landscape – towards a holistic Landscape Ecology Education
2. Healing and therapeutic landscapes – opportunities for new multifunctionality
3. Landscapes as places of harmony – how to safeguard landscape quality

On the 19th June 2018, a Field Atelier, following a Goethean approach, will take place at the Interpretation Centre for Landscape/Charneca Observatory, Casal do Gavião do Meio, Ribatejo:

4. Expressing the essence of landscape in Art (Atelier for painting, music, prose, poetry…)

This atelier will be guided by Leonor Malik , Ph. D. in Education Sciences by the Univ. of Grenoble, Art Therapeut, Painter and former Teacher with background on Waldorf Pedagogy. President of Harpa and responsible for the learning program along life focused on the self-development according to an Anthroposophic approach.

The participation in this atelier will be credited to the teachers by the Geography Teachers Association (APG).
Two key-note presentations can already be announced for the 18th of June:

In the Morning: Landscapes in transition – a search for meaning, by Bas Pedroli (Associate Professor, Wageningen University/Land Use Planning Group; Chair of UNISCAPE, Network of Universities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention; President of Petrarca, European Academy for the Culture of Landscape).

In the Afternoon: Landscape ecological perspectives on soulscapes by Veerle Van Eetvelde (Associate Professor in Landscape Science, Department of Geography, at Ghent University, Belgium; President of IALE-Europe; Vice President of UNISCAPE, Network of Universities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention).

Fee: Conference on the 18th of June: 60 Euros (APEP associates and students, 50 Euros). It includes 2 coffee-breaks, lunch and Conference documents.

Atelier in Gavião, Ribatejo (19th June) 30 Euros (APEP associates and students, 25 Euros). It includes transportation to Casal do Gavião on the 19th and lunch box.

After the 31st May 2018, 25% will be surcharged on the above prices.


Payments should be made to the account: PT50001000002159869000140

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Selected papers will be published in an e-book with ISBN.
Send your abstracts in English (1 A4) until the 31st May 2018 to:
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La Società Italiana di ecologia del Paesaggio SIEP- Iale organizza il convegno nazionale
valori, rischi e adattamento nell’epoca dell’Antropocene
9 e 10 Novembre 2017
Palermo, Orto Botanico
Via Lincoln 2
All’interno delle attività del Convegno L'ECOLOGIA DEI PAESAGGI URBANI valori, rischi e adattamento nell’epoca dell’Antropocene che si terrà a Palermo il prossimo 9 e 10 Novembre 2017, è prevista una sessione poster che possa contribuire attraverso una raccolta di esperienze tecnico-scientifiche e professionali (anche già presentate in altri eventi) sul tema dell’Ecologia dei paesaggi urbani e delle sfide future.
La proposta di conoscere e confrontarsi con esperienze anche “non originali” ha l’obiettivo di fare un quadro delle produzioni che si muovono attorno alle riflessioni che, attraverso i principi dell’Ecologia del Paesaggio, analizzano e propongono (sperimentando) approcci, metodi e strumenti per aumentare la resilienza dei paesaggi della città/territorio e per contribuire ad una governance sempre più inclusiva e consapevole.
La Sessione poster  sarà allestita presso l’Orto Botanico per tutta la durata dell’evento.
I poster dovranno pervenire ed essere posizionati presso la sede del convegno entro le ore  14 di giovedì 9 novembre.
Il formato consigliato è A1 verticale, ma saranno comunque accettati anche altri formati ossia quei formati in cui i poster sono stati presentati originariamente.
Durante il corso di EdP del 9 pomeriggio è previsto  un momento di flash presentation (5 minuti) dei lavori esposti.  
Per partecipare alla sessione poster dei progetti è necessario essere iscritti al convegno ed inviare a info(a) entro il 5 novembre una copia in formato A4 (pdf) del poster, specificando l’evento durante il quale il poster è stato presentato.
Per ulteriori informazioni scrivere a info(a)

la segreteria SIEP-IALE

Società Italiana di Ecologia del Paesaggio
via Senato 45, Milano