Training Session in PORTUGAL


The Centro Sensoriamento Remoto (CSR) of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil) in association with the Portuguese Association of Landscape Ecology (APEP-AssociaçãoPortuguesa de Ecologia da Paisagem) will offer a training session on environmental modeling using DINAMICA EGO to be held in Portugal.


DINAMICA EGO software ( is a spatially explicit, high performance, modeling freeware used by many scholars around the world. Dinamica EGO modeling platform presents outstanding possibilities for the design of spatial models, from analytical to the very complex dynamic ones. These models can ultimately involve nested iterations, dynamic feedbacks, multi-region and multi-scale approach, manipulation and algebraic combination of data in several formats - such as maps, tables, matrices and constants - decision processes for bifurcating and joining execution pipelines, and a series of complex spatial algorithms for the analysis and simulation of space-time phenomena.


Dinamica EGO has been applied to numerous environmental studies, including the modeling of deforestation in the Amazon from local to basin-wide scales, urban dynamics, logging and other forestry rents in the Amazon, cattle ranching, forest fires, river regime, biodiversity offsets, and agricultural expansion in Brazil.


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The course aims to introduce the vast possibilities of Dinamica EGO for the design of space-time models.